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Gao-Hsiung Transport Enterprise Co., Ltd

Gao-Hsiung Transport Enterprise Co., Ltd

Services(Transportation work)

  1. Swinging operation of High- tech precision electronic machinery, transporting in fab, transporting with air cushion and locating.
  2. Optical evaporation and sputter, IC Substrate package, SMT / SMD, LCD / TFT, equipment of wafer factory, equipment of semiconductor, swinging operation.
  3. Printers, transporting of large- sized or small- sized plants.
  4. Devanning, swinging, and locating of new machinery equipment.
  5. Detailing, baking varnish, and packing of used machinery.
  6. Large warehouse for clients.



  1. Plant and fab demolition.
  2. Factory facility system demolition and acquiring.
  3. Mixed metal scrap and plastics acquiring.
  4. Waste disposal(licensed)