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YAO HSIUNG Technology and Machinery enters various industries,We trade and bid the used production equipment, machinery in industries of optoelectronics, semiconductor, LED, solar energy, panel, PCB with related resources from affiliated companies.

One- stop export and import of plant service is also provided.

Company Profile

YAO HSIUNG Technology and Machinery Co. was founded by Nelson Tsai, the president of Guoxiong Enterprises, in 2017.
In an era of rapid change in our environment, we witnessed the rise and fall of many technology industries.
We think we can not only breathe new life into the equipment to enable it to continue working and increase value but lower the purchase cost of machines and equipment in technology industries by acquiring, cleaning, and reselling the replaced production equipment.
YAO HSIUNG Technology and Machinery Co. therefore has sprung up.

We cooperate with Marketech International Corp. to bid for the AURIA SOLAR CO. solar power plant project in Southern Taiwan Science Park in the first year of establishment.
In 2018 to 2019, we acquired all the equipment in J touch Co. in batches through Taiwan Financial Asset Service Corporation.
In 2019, we cooperate with MARUTA HIGH-TECHNOLOGIES CO. to bid for the NEXPOWER TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION solar power plant project With these projects, we have brought benefits to YAO HSIUNG Technology and Machinery Co., and brought business opportunity and revenue to our affiliated companies. 

YAO HSIUNG Technology and Machinery, a professional used equipment vendor, enters various industries, trading and bidding the used production equipment, machinery in industries of semiconductor, LED, panel, touch panel, optics, solar energy, PCB, and other related industries. Clients can also entrust us with biding all the equipment in a plant, securing competitive used equipment. Moreover, with related resources from affiliated companies, we provide clients with one- stop service including CCIC, dismantling, transporting, packing, import and export, unloading and unpacking, locating, installation.


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Core Values

YAO HSIUNG Technology and Machinery maintains a spirit of customer-oriented approach, integrity, professional, efficiency and teamwork. We create database to share corporate culture apart from intimately cooperate with our clients and suppliers for the goals of stimulating the sustainable development and taking responsibility as a corporate citizen


Our vision is to integrate resources from affiliated companies to provide one- stop service for the export and import of the plant, combining with the technical team in cross-industry alliance to offer diversified service including construction schelduling, production equipment import, changer, eqipment transporting and locating, renovation.


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